About UNIC Aviation

UNIC Aviation is a China leading aviation pilot recruitment company, offices based in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xiamen.
UNIC Aviation is founded by Chinese aviation professionals, with closest relationship with Chinese Airlines and best understanding of Chinese Aviation. As one of largest contract agency in China. We have several years' experiences of hiring global pilots and assigning them work for Chinese carriers. At the meantime, we also assist our contracted global pilots settle down in China.

BOEING 737-800 JETS FOR SALE – UNIC Aviation

No matter how popular charter flights are, passenger civil aviation will always be in demand. And everyone who flies the sky has certainly at least once watched the forty meter long luxurious Boeing 737-800 Jet smoothly coming in on the runway for landing. The Boeing 737 is so popular that at this very moment, 1,250 aircrafts are flying in the sky, and every five seconds one of them is the Boeing 737 taking off or landing.